We have wonderful neighbors whose hearts welcome unwanted animals. It is quite a menagerie next door that includes dogs, chickens, feinting goats, llamas, alpacas and an expected horse. They also welcome their neighbors who come to the fence to appreciate the animals and watch progress on the nearly completed pen for the incoming horse. We have cleared a pathway through the woods to the fence line and stocked the refrigerator with food that animals are likely to appreciate

Hospitality is a developed gift. We are fortunate to live next to a family that welcomes both animals and humans. In a day when the automatic doors on our garages act as a moat with drawbridge raised for privacy, it is rare to have such welcoming experiences with neighbors who take time for conversation over their fence. I grew up in a small town (less than fifty people) in the Bitterroot Mountains. It was common to greet strangers and even invite them in for a meal or a time of sharing stories. There always seemed to be time. In retrospect that may be why we were poor but when it came to friends, we had wealth never deposited in a bank.
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