The field seemed alive with movement. It was filled with a gaggle of geese gathering from their nests to prepare for a flight south. The nearby lake was crowded like a favorite beach on a sweltering summer day. Geese outnumbered citizens in the little village. Somehow an inner calling had gathered these migrants as they responded to an inner intuition that summer days would soon fade and be replaced by the brisk autumn breeze.

As I marvel at the rhythms of nature, I realize that there is an intuitive message within that often prepares me for the next movement in my life. However, I find that there are many distractions in my life that prevent hearing the message. The noise of my life activities somehow squelch that quiet inner voice and allows me to miss the opportunity to engage important holistic spiritual life. What practice would actually allow me to hear that inner urging? I spend my days meeting with spiritual leaders creating space to be attentive. Yet I find that I, like Paul warns, can become a “castaway” by ignoring the inner promptings whispering in my own soul. So, I sit here this morning listening attentively trying to tune into those messages of my soul.
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