I Dream of a Garden

It is empty. Nothing. Like many Pennsylvanians, I built a raised garden this spring. It involved a few hours or work after visiting our local Home Depot. Mountain soil is not always fertile. So, I even purchased some enriched soil to fill the small space by our circle drive. However, I did not purchase seedlings. I became distracted by the busyness of the season. So, the garden space has remained unplanted. Summer is ending and I see the farmer stands selling vegetables, friends offering to share their bounty but I have nothing but good intentions. The garden is empty.

Sometimes life seems to be one season of planning after another filled with a lot of empty spaces where the tasks so carefully planned were never completed. The result is an empty garden. While I have many excuses, the fact remains that I never took time to go to the local garden supply to purchase seedlings or to plant them. The result is zero. I can take some comfort in the fact that the neighborhood deer, the fat marmot or even the rascally squirrels did not feast on my hard work. But, neither did I or my neighbors. My garden space lies empty. Dreams fulfilled require action attached to planning.

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