Hope Wins

The innocence on their faces belied the destructive wake. A home in ruins on the ground announced the tale of squirrels run amuck. Birds had worked hard and raised their family. The old birdhouse built by “pop pop” and eager granddaughter had been placed on the properly dedicated tree for observation from our kitchen window. Now, it lay unhinged and splintered beneath the tree. The violation was not just the upset of the bird family or even the destruction of the nest that reached to the roof. The emotional loss seemed to call out anger and an eagerness to restore the rustic peaceful home.

My eagerness for restoration emanated from in an inner place that watched destruction beyond my control to fix or repair in my world. I could actually help restore this family. As I walked away from the quick repair, I sensed the sorrow in my soul for a world not so easily restored. The words of last night’s reading of Niebuhr rang in my head, “Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in our lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope.” At least I made a difference for one feathered family today.
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