Burnout is an intimidating word.  Most pastors think they hold an "Exempt Card" that makes them impervious to the experience of burnout.  Too often, the surprise and resulting shame from burnout leaves the resulting ashes buried deep within the psyche and soul of the victims.  The truth is that pastors who tend to be "people pleasers" are very vulnerable to the wiles of burnout
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Hope Wins

The innocence on their faces belied the destructive wake. A home in ruins on the ground announced the tale of squirrels run amuck. Birds had worked hard and raised their family. The old birdhouse built by “pop pop” and eager granddaughter had been placed on the properly dedicated tree for observation from our kitchen window. Now, it lay unhinged and splintered beneath the tree.
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The field seemed alive with movement. It was filled with a gaggle of geese gathering from their nests to prepare for a flight south. The nearby lake was crowded like a favorite beach on a sweltering summer day. Geese outnumbered citizens in the little village. Somehow an inner calling had gathered these migrants as they responded to an inner intuition that summer days would soon fade and be replaced
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