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Eldon was shaped by the Bitterroot Mountains of his childhood in northern Idaho. During his undergraduate studies, he envisioned a ministry to churches resulting in God at work in lives, then opportunity to minister in educational contexts and finally opportunity to encourage ministry leaders before they became disheartened and left ministry. All of that has happened by God’s grace. Today, Eldon is ordained, trained as a spiritual director and coach as well as a pastoral counselor serving as founder of Open Hands.

The basis for Open Hands is to serve as a companion for pastors and church leaders in the process of the Christian journey. His heart is compassionate for pastors, his wisdom is presented in questions that draw out the best in others, his listening provides hope filled insights and his resource connections provide support for those who spend time with him.

Currently, Eldon meets with pastors and denominational leaders representing nine denominations and churches of varied sizes. All have found a spiritual friend and confidential companion in their journey.

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Contact Information

Phone: 717-385-3980
Office Location:
204 Third Street
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 95
Boiling Springs, PA 17001
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